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Welcome! Glad you are here.

Here is my story and why I felt called to help others.

My name is Jeannie Lynn, and I’m a retired single mom.

No one really retires from being a parent right? So why do I refer to myself as a retired mom? Simple, my only child has graduated high school, graduated college and, now is moved away to begin forging his own way in life to discover who he is and where his future is leading him. That leaves me as an empty-nester with no-one else in the household to share this newfound free-from-responsibility life I find myself with, ergo: Retired Mom.

When this happened he was only 22 years old and I was in my mid-40’s. I had spent most of my adult life raising a child on my own and working hard and struggling just to keep a roof over our head, food on the table…yadda, yadda, yadda.

I have a degree in Industrial Electronics, Criminal Justice Administration, and several certifications. None of which I was utilizing. I lived in a small rural area with very little prospects for careers or jobs, so I mostly worked from home doing freelance, gig work, and consulting. Anything to keep money dripping in and my schedule flexible enough to attend all the important events for my son. I wanted to be there for him in everything so he had all the support he needed to thrive in a one-parent home.

However, without realizing, I set myself up for a tail-spin. When he went off to college, he chose one only 2 hrs away and was routinely around on weekends and holidays, so his off-to-college days didn’t feel so empty for me. I did find myself with ample free-time from attending sporting games, practices, fundraisers, or any other fashion of student commitment; I was enjoying my semi-freedom.

This left me with large chunks of time and nothing constructive to do. I no longer had a schedule, didn’t have breakfast and dinners to prepare, and only my small one-load of laundry each week. The results were very un-productive days, putting projects off, eating way too much along with a bunch of other bad habits. During his last semester of his MBA, he was home for the holidays and excitedly talking about graduation and having a career away from home, where he grew up. I encouraged him to think big and be adventurous to look at all offers no matter where they may be.

That’s when I realized, in 5 short months, he would be graduated and gone on his own. I would FINALLY become a true empty-nester with no plan, no real career or interests to speak of. It was like I was a teenager again and needed to figure out what to do with the rest of my life!

WOWZA, not the situation I ever pictured myself in. I dove into self-development, joined several online support groups for entrepreneurs, and started to really look at my routines and productivity. I went through a lot of self-learning, coaching, and mindset changes.

I’m happy to say that I am no longer struggling with finding a purpose, being productive, or deciding what I want to be. I found a solution that has worked wonders for me, I’ve met many wonderful and successful individuals who are thriving and striving to constantly do better and be better.

I started coaching, to pass on what I’ve learned and to collaborate and connect with others who may have some of my same experiences and fears of facing their later years on their own again.

I’m glad you’re here!

I’ve created a place to use as a vehicle to provide support to online business entrepreneurs with resources, tools, and skills they need to prosper and succeed. Supporting each other with wisdom, knowledge, mindset, skill sets, and growth secrets.

I look forward to collaborating, mentoring, and being an accountability partner for you!

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